The idea behind Daily Organic is pretty simple (we’re not a complicated bunch). We want to help people, like you (and Wendy) to feel better.

That’s right, feeling better about yourself in terms of your health and what you put in, and on your body and to feel better by making smarter day-to-day purchasing decisions. And by smarter purchasing decisions, we don’t mean stocking up on cans of baked beans because they were on special at the supermarket 5 suburbs away (of course if we’re talking organic baked beans at an organic grocer then different story ; )

We mean smarter as in making conscious decisions to shop locally and support small businesses in your community. In particular those who are honestly doing their best to make a positive impact on this world by producing healthy, beneficial, environmentally friendly products (or services) in a safe, ethical and sustainable way. Ideally, organically too.

(If you already tick all those boxes when you shop already, then we want you! We’re looking for people who already walk the talk to become real DO’ers! a.k.a Daily Organic brand ambassadors. Click here to find out more).

Our aim is for Daily Organic to become an essential part of your daily ritual, much like drinking coffee, checking email and updating Facebook (yep, we’re going to be up there with coffee and Facebook!), to help you feel better.

We want to be top of mind when you want to: 

  • Find local businesses and suppliers to support
  • Watch interviews and learn from leading organic advocates
  • Read blogs which will hopefully inspire, educate and sometimes make you chuckle
  • Ask questions (and there’s no such thing as a silly question - oh, except, “What date is New Year’s Eve?)
  • Share support and advice to help more of us live a more organic, ethical, sustainable lifestyle…easily

You see, we found through our own journey that sometimes finding the right answers about living more organically was pretty overwhelming. And we make no secret of the fact that we’re still learning! But that’s what makes this journey so exciting. Because, every day, we find out new things and talk to people who know their stuff. And let’s add that these are amazing people.

Best of all, we’re passing that information on to people like you who want to listen. And if you have questions we can’t yet answer, we know where to go to ask. Think of us as a conduit for you to be able to speak to producers and vice versa. We’re still not experts and we’ll never know everything about living organically, sustainably and ethically. But the great thing is, we’re having the conversations that need to be had, and giving people and businesses a genuine and authentic forum.

If you have any comments, thoughts, suggestions, recipe for an awesome banana smoothie or general feedback, you’re welcome to get in touch by emailing david@dailyorganic.com.au or clicking on the feedback tab at the left. Thanks!