The big picture of what we’re trying to achieve in very simple terms? HAPPINESS! No more no less. Happiness for our inspired community, happiness for businesses that join and grow with us, happiness for those brilliant souls who work with us (hey we’re only going to take the best), and happiness for suppliers and anyone else that we have the pleasure of dealing with.

This is all about surrounding ourselves (as in you and us) with like-minded people passionate about making a change and making a difference.

This is a journey we want as many people as possible to join us on. Together we can help educate, share and inspire more Australians to live organically, sustainably, ethically, one step, one banana, one cleaning product at a time.

Don’t you think working towards a common goal like that together would play a pretty big part in achieving happiness? We DO!

Meet the team

We’ve got the makings of the most fabulous group of working people ever. We started off DO by enlisting the help of some very talented and generous people. Not all of them come to our workplace each day but they have worked uber hard in their own way in getting this humble little business off to the flying start it has.

Everyone who comes to work/hang out here has to take the DO Oath. Not to reveal it here but in an organic nutshell it’s about contribution and commitment in a positive way and receiving that back in abundance. We will have positions pop up from time-to-time so check our job board or leave your details and who knows…

Join the team

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