HOW Organic

Okey dokey everyone, let’s be clear about something from the start as integrity is very important to us so we want to be transparent about this (in other words, we’re giving you the skinny on the organicness of Daily Organic).

Our intention with Daily Organic is to promote great businesses that are honestly doing their best to make a positive impact on this world by producing healthy, beneficial, environmentally friendly products in a safe, ethical and sustainable way.

To give an example, one of our favourite butchers is fastidious about his produce and understanding the lifecycle of ‘paddock to plate’. He sources directly from local producers who are committed to nurturing the health of the land, and the plants and animals it sustains. He treats every step of the process with the greatest respect and consideration possible.

He is not 100% organic. We love him anyway and think more people should love him because he’s doing what he can to educate people (about farm lots, grain vs. grass-fed beef, etc.) to help change shopping behaviours and, as such, make a positive impact.

Sooooo to answer this question, no, not all businesses/products/services on this site are labelled organic (certified or not). But we hope that they all appeal to health-minded, environmentally conscious people like you by being free range (in the truest sense of the word), natural (i.e. absolutely natural and non-toxic), using sustainable and ethical business practices etc.

Rest assured, any business that is not what it claims to be, or pretends to care about your health or the environment only because it is able to profit by doing so, will be found out and excluded from this site. That’s right no mucking about, only quality here.

The fact is, we are not the experts and we’ll never know everything about living organically, sustainably and ethically. Which is why we give the Daily Organic community the power of our online rating and feedback system and we’ll also be recruiting ambassadors to share their expertise and insights with us, and subsequently you.

The whole premise behind Daily Organic is to be a trusted resource to help you make educated decisions about where you shop and what you buy. Ultimately, the goal is to make truly organic living more accessible to everyone. And to have a whole lot of fun in the process.