BECOMING AN Ambassador

Meet Stacey. While she's coy about her age, she's somewhere in her mid 30s but given how well she's looked after herself, could pass for a few years younger.

Stacey's family and wide circle of friends would describe her, lovingly of course, as a bit of a health nut. While she certainly enjoys keeping fit, she's been more concerned about all the chemicals and additives that have been compulsively thrown into practically everything eaten or touched.

Thankfully for us, Stacey's personal values and overly inquisitive nature have meant that over the years she's learnt a thing or two about living organically, sustainably and ethically. She loves nothing more than being able to share her health (and money saving) tips and tricks with family, and happily raves to friends about her favourite organic skincare brand when they ask how she keeps her skin looking so damn good.

Never one to rest on her laurels, Stacey's pretty well informed when it comes to green-washing, nanoparticles and E-numbers and will even throw a few F-words out there when she gets on her environmental soapbox (especially after a couple of glasses of biodynamic wine - then she sometimes uses the soapbox as a dance podium). And when not adorning the soapbox, Stacey can be frequently found 'Liking', 'Tweeting' and 'Pinning' with her online buddies. 

Sound vaguely familiar? Then we want you.

We're casting the net for DOers like Stacey, all over Australia and New Zealand, to join our movement and be a DO Ambassador where you'll be given a platform to share your expertise (and dance moves when you feel like it) and help educate and inspire our community.

For all your efforts there are definitely rewards (not to mention a whole lotta love from us). The program will be officially launched in a few weeks, so get in touch now and we'll send you an invitation with more details very soon.

Jo & David